Brx presents “Vista” line
the new glycol pozzetti counter where the gelato is visible !

is the evolution of glycol pozzetti, the true revolution of the traditional gelato display case

An innovative design comes along with
a new and exceptional visibility of gelato
which is placed at the same level of the display deck
and contained into new type of carapinas pans,
with new features, new configurations and new advantages
to improve your daily work !

An innovative solution
with 2 refrigeration technologies
in perfect synergy

Glycol refrigeration + Ventilated refrigeration
which enables the visibility of gelato, even without lids
making a great visibility and a better service possible.

BRX _ Vista, una vetrina due tecnologie

A display case, two technologies

BRX _ Vista, refrigerazione glicole + ventilata

Glycol refrigeration + ventilated refrigeration

A new technology system
for day and night

makes “Vista” not only a display counter
but also a storage freezer.
Each evening when closing the shop
the carapina pans are placed at a lower level
into the counter and the lids are placed.
The glycol preserves the gelato over the night.
No longer need to remove the gelato each evening
and put it back the next morning, no more storage freezers
all this enables to save time, energy and space.

BRX _ Vista, gelato visible in the daytime

Gelato visible in the daytime

BRX _ Vista, closed and protected in the night time

Closed and protected in the night-time

BRX _ Vista, carapine aperte e posizionate alte giorno

Carapina pans open (without lids) and placed at high position during the day

BRX _ Vista, coperchio chiuso e carapine abbassate di notte

Carapinas pans closed (lids placed) and lowered into the counter for the night time storage freezer function

“Vista” a display counter
for an use over all the year
24 hours a day

from gelato counter to pastry display case by simply using an accessory
enabling a great visibility of the pastry products,
preserving at the same time the gelato underneath.
The only display counter which can be used in all the seasons,
from summer to winter time
enabling a great flexibility and freedom of use.

Brx _ Vista, pastry display case in the morning

Pastry display case in the morning

BRX _ Vista, gelato display case in the afternoon

Gelato display case in the afternoon

Different modules for your layout shop

“Vista” comes in a wide range of modules
6, 8, 10, 14, 20 gelato flavors, with 2 or 3 rows of carapina pans,
starting from length 1050 mm

BRX _ Vista, diameter 260 height 150, 6/10/14 flavors + storage

Examples of modules with 2 rows with storage or 3 rows


Lengths 1050/ 1650/ 2250 mm

Different solutions for the pastry and pralines module as well,
available in the cold ventilated or dry-heat configuration,
available in the following modules: 1300/1700/2100 mm and corner unit
Vista Pastry module can be joined to any Vista Gelato module.

BRX _ Vista, soluzioni per pasticceria 1
BRX _ Vista, soluzioni per pasticceria 2

Vista Brx italian technology in the world

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